History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

I don’t think, as this author does, that Trump is any particular issue. No matter who wins the election in a bit over a month the cycle is set in place. The details may differ but the die is cast.

And, I don’t think the events of which he speaks feed upon one another. Instead they are all symptoms of the same malaise. While the assassination of Ferdinand in 1914 is marked as the trigger for “The War to End All Wars”, it is likely that is just an excuse. Europe was set for the event and any reason likely would have done to set things in motion.

I really should study this,https://en.wikipedia.org/.../Strauss%E2%80%93Howe..., more I think I have the general outline. Seasons and cycles happen. The events and actors are largely superficial.

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