Freelancing isn’t easy, but it can be easier with a little advice from people who have been through the ups and downs.

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There are several ways to ruin your career as a freelancer.

But I’ll spare you the trouble and only share with you the seven I have come to know all too well.

Four years ago, I became a freelance photographer with my twin brother. During this process, we learned a lot; the majority of it is what not to do.

So if there’s anyone who could elaborate on the don’ts, allow me to be the first to regretfully volunteer.

Disregard these things, and you’ll have no problem struggling as a freelancer. …

In your mind is where failure or success begins.

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You will morph into the things you spend most of your time thinking about.

When you start thinking positive, your life will reflect that.

Think success, and success will come. Maybe not tomorrow. Perhaps not this year. But it’s coming. The importance is not in how long it takes to arrive. The emphasis is that you envision your success, even before it happens.

Now, we love the idea of success, but we often forget that success doesn’t always come with happiness. One can be the wealthiest person in the world, yet be just as miserable as anyone else.

The key is in your thoughts. …

Knowing these facts affects how we live our lives and how we treat others in the process.

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There are several unavoidable things about this life we should all be aware of by now.

We shouldn’t run from them. Avoiding these realities brings about lethargic efforts to cherish the moments we have.

Knowing these things affects almost every aspect of how you live your life.

You’ll stop taking moments for granted. And you’ll end the habit of making up excuses not to do something, squandering time away as if you never run out.

Let’s get into them, shall we?

Brace yourselves.

We Are All Going to Die

100% of all humans die.

The first time I heard this, it made me a little upset. …

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I used to copy other writers.

Going through the best of the best, I wanted to find out what made great writers so great.

You’ve probably done the same, but I took this to a whole new level, though.

I printed out these writers’ articles.

Yeah, I know. I did that.

I got my little highlighter out and a pen and marked up those pages until it became something I could later use as a template.

All I could think about was the formula — their formula. That was going to take me places as a writer.

Soon, I thought that I was well on my way to discovering all the cheat codes. …

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For my niece to learn a new word, she listens to what you said then repeats it — over and over again.

Until it feels natural for her to say it, there won’t be any stopping her.

Through watching her, I figured that there is a three-step process to getting better at anything.

Step 1: Observe the right people.

Step 2: Put what you observed into action.

Step 3: Be patient.

Step 1: Observe the right people.

Observing takes you getting out of your way to learn from people who know a thing or two about what they’re saying.

Those people should be individuals with a proven, solid background with experience in the subject of interest. …

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It’s insane how natural it is to overthink what other people think about you and what you create.

You don’t even have to start the process of creating, manifesting those ideas before your own eyes. All you have is the ideas themselves.

But you can still be stuck there thinking about what they’ll think about it. Hours escape from your grasp. And before you know it, the day is gone.

From my personal experience, I was never able to start when I thought like this. …

Give what you can.

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Most of us want to know our purpose in life. It may not be clear to you or me, but it is something we all seek.

Our purpose is our why behind what we do.

If you want to live life with a purpose but don’t know what that purpose is, the answer is more straightforward than you think.


Give of your time. Give of your money. Give of your skills. In any way you’re capable, give to help someone who needs it. In that, you will find your purpose.

When you live selfishly, you become lonely. You become a massive thinker of yourself only, which forces you into a corner. …

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It’s 7:30 AM.

And as I sit at my work desk, I look around and see no reason for me not to be thankful.

I have more than I need.

But often, I don’t take the time to stop and look around. I only think about getting more.

Or, I focus on what I don’t have, thinking that if I just had that, I’d be able to do this. Somehow I concluded that it’s the thing that helps me do what I can do right now.

If I’m honest with myself, I don’t need those things. …

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Photo by Joel Wyncott on Unsplash

When it comes to getting things done, typically, we only have two options. There is no in-between.

  1. You can follow through with the plan.
  2. Or, you can find a reason not to.

Number two is always an easy option. It’s the option I have unfortunately come to know too well in my 25 years of living.

Option number one, on the other hand, sounds relatively easy to do. But it can be the most difficult to accomplish. It’s one most of us struggle with, or at least have in the past.

Choosing between the two is a doozy. However, knowing these four principles should help you decide on a better option. …

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It’s up to you, but have a valid reason for your decision.

Many people assume that college is the answer, or the only answer, to their current or potential problems.

Some graduated from college and became productive citizens. Others chose to go another route to also become more productive human beings in society.

See, I believe that there exists a gray area between the two.

I’m a 25-year-old college student, but I also know why I’m going to school, which was something I did not realize early on.

And whether or not college is necessary for you depends on the reason you would or wouldn’t attend.

Not knowing why you would go could potentially be worse than not going. On the other hand, not going to college with no valid reason will have a seriously negative impact on your life if you aren’t careful. …


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