Keith Schacht
Jul 1, 2017 · 1 min read

Hi Adam, we’ll be sharing more about our pedagogy soon, but the essential of it is that we teach science forwards rather than backwards. Every scientific discovery started with someone wondering something about the world. For example, “If you were to drill all the way down, what’s in the middle of the Earth?” But traditional science education disregards the original question or motivation and jumps to the conclusion. We all memorized that diagram: crust, mantel, molten core. What was the point of memorizing that?

This is not only boring, it’s mentally destructive. Children should not be told to believe things because a teacher and textbook tells them they’re true, this is the opposite of scientific thinking.

We begin with real questions children have about the world, and real questions that scientists had long ago, and we re-create the process of answering those questions. We don’t just teach children what is true, we teach children how we know things to be true.

    Keith Schacht

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