A moment of glory in September

See! September sun is shining

No more is agapanthus sighing

Nor the verdant leaves, dying

Winter is done with her confining

Mortal thoughts persist in crying

“This shall pass, ever soon”

And just as when I had perceived

The solemn thought of coming grief

I left all these to Melody

And sought to rhyme more tenderly

A token all but mine to keep

Perhaps another’s boon?

Yet still my soul did start to swell

And chime along with Nature’s bell

Sweet Nature — with her throbbing tune

Sees my little soul is soothed

Even the chatter poet, mute

Before the glory that is new


song: https://open.spotify.com/track/2KZbgybFV4V8WdM90dOGfk?si=MbaY-vr7S36njgULetyOAw