The calm in your storm — A thought by Rashmi Perera

Do you know why it’s hard to love people who self muse? Because they love themselves a lot more than you’ll ever love them. People like that are very rare, because they’ve gone through so much pain, fought their battles on their knees & slowly learnt to love themselves.

They know when they’re being used, but silently watches and tolerates everything people put them through, only not to hurt the other person. They’ve hurt people while they’re hurting but thats in the past. They know what it’s like to end up hurt and depressed, so they slowly give into everyone’s demands.

But what you don’t know about these people; is the fact they are your calm in the storm. The people who can keep you stress free out of anything. To love them is a hard task because you’ll have to love them more than they love themselves and that’s a lot, because they will use up every single energy placed on your body, but loving them is worth it, because they’re once in a lifetime.

They will know when they’re being used, but they won’t be a tissue which you can use and throw. They’ll be a cigarette, they’ll make you die for them; they’ll have a really high demand, only people who deserve them will get to know them, and they will always make it seem impossible to love them, when in reality, they only want to be loved.