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Life is Experiential

I have extreme experiences in life that many would not comprehend unless they experienced them, themselves.

I know others that do as well.

I have had visions my whole life and have seen those things come to be.

I know others that do as well.

I have seen into the realm of spirits, disembodied and those embodying.

I know others that do as well.

Still many would deny these things are real, even though they fail to have actual experience of them to know what they are talking about. They claim knowledge, to know of things, that they have failed to experience in knowing. They fail to know what they say. They fail to know better than the limitations of their own experience of knowing. They fail to know any better.

“Is there some reason that society is being openly led to be limited within their states of consciousness. Is society being repressed to be controlled by those ruling the accepted discourse of society”

Yet somehow we allow society to tell us that these truths are fringe thinking, and somehow not normal or acceptable to have. While they may fail to fall in line with the current accepted trends of the states of consciousness of open society, they are accepted as truths by those who know better.

The question arises: “Is there some reason that society is being openly led to be limited within their states of consciousness. Is society being represesed to be controlled by those controlling the accepted discourse of society”

Many would say I lack sense for saying these things, even though they are the ones lacking the sensory abilities of comprehending them.

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I have seen into the realms of what are called past lives. The realities of reincarnation, incarnating, can be proven by the experience of seeing into them.

The discernment of spirit has literally led me to other countries, to places those lives have lived, and shown me things multidimensionally within my experiences to prove through history what I am seeing is true.

To gain deeper/higher frequencies of consciousness one needs a will to bring consciousness from the unconscious/subconscious.

Consciousness needs to be experienced to become conscious. Otherwise it is unconscious. Consciousness rises from the unconscious.

The workings of cause and effect, karma, over the space of time play into ones abilities and inabilities of their experiences of consciousness.

A lower/denser dimensionally limited frequency of consciousness, needs to resonate/vibrate to a higher frequency of consciousness to transcend to those multidimensional depths of consciousness.

The journey of that experience, is the truth and connection of and to that experience itself. It is the connection to the consciousness of life itself.

So the question still hangs in the ether: “Is there some reason that society is being openly led to be limited within their states of consciousness. Is society being represesed to be controlled by those controlling the accepted discourse of society”

“Or is society also being led by the ignorance of the repercussions of itself, and those too lost within themselves to comprehend that there is more going on than their consciousness holds space for. Is the truth of it multidimensional.”

The truth of life exists, regardless to ones consciousness or lack of consciousness of it. Subjugating ones experience of life, limits it.

A painting “Rising Sacral” by the Author, and an Orchid from his collection.

The journey of life is experiential. One needs to experience it for it to unfold. For the consciousness of the physicality of life to flower, one needs to be aligned and rooted within consciousness of many planes of existence. That is the journey of human existence.

To comprehend and experience the realm of spirit, one needs to experience the discernment of ones spirit versus ones physicality.

It is normal ‘these days’ for people to be unable to believe in the realities of spirit, due to the fact they fail to have discernment of their own spirit.

Thus, they falsely believe their lack of experience means they are qualified in knowing about the realities of the spiritual realm. They speak with illusionary authority from a space of unknowing what they are talking of.

The deeper one is able to discern their spirit body from their physical/emotional/sexual/psychological bodies, the deeper experiences of their spirit they have. The more discerning one is, the easier it is to see the perspective of the origin of where one is actually emanating from.

Otherwise they are lost within the projection of their self, unaware they are that which is casting the projection.

Otherwise they are lost within energetic spheres of thinking that they are their thoughts, their emotions, their sexuality, housed within the limitations of their psychological constructs of being. Failing to see that they are not those things, they are the one that is experiencing those things.

Free will is a blessing, if one is willing being.

Statue of Merlin, Sedona Arizona. Photo by Author.

If one is oriented to the origin of where they are manifesting from, their experience of their perspective is vastly different then one who is lost within a diffusion and reaction of/to being.

There are many words created by man to label things. Labels are not the things themselves.

Definitions of things, are not the things themselves.

Some things, are more multidimensional than the labels and definitions of those who attempt to subjugate those things with.

Life is multidimensional.

The whole of reality, exists outside of the logical thinking processes.

Many proclaim, or deny, the realities of something we term and label ‘God’. Yet many of those are unwilling to percieve beyond the creation of the label, the term, itself. Consciousness of the experiential journey of it, is needed.

Many will claim that thing we term ‘God’ exists, or fails to exist, when they themselves fail to have a clear consciousness of what they believe it is supposed to be in the first place. Illusionary awareness, claiming to be belief.

Failing to have a clear discernment of their spirit, of a conscious perspective of the origin of their embodiment, limits their experience of it.

Experiencing a limited discernment of what they believe it is supposed to be, or to not be, they fail to have a deeper experience of it.

Some things are beyond the limitations of the logical mind. They need the alignment of the logical mind and the intuitive mind, to even start to perceive into them. The conscious connection to/of ones spirit is needed for the abilities of prescience. Prescience allows for the foresight, the consciousness of the experience of life. Faith is created, and fostered, by the experiential nature of ones spirit consciousness.

The journey of physical life, the spirits manifestation of physicality, is connected to all that is — regardless to ones consciousness of it.

Life is experiential.


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