The 5 year old Seer

A True Story of Psychic Visions, while sitting with Two Ladies

The authors autobiography: Awaking Spirit reclamation of being.

I started to see into thirty- forty or more years, of what appeared to be my life unfolding.

I was around five years old or so. (I am now fifty one) I was seeing into what seemed like a very sad life of being judged and unloved by others, and a deep sense of being lost and trying to survive.

Even though I felt strangely detached from what I was seeing inside of me, it felt like it was such a tragic life that I was seeing unfold in my future and I wondered how and why I would continue on.

I saw so much so fast. I witnessed my future self watching television through these states, that I would later learn would be called ego states of consciousness.

I saw future world events unfold during these times of watching news reports on the television, within the vision.

I saw a polish pope come to be, and how the world was surprised a Polish man would become pope.

As I explained this with my little five year old mind, and ability of communicating, I asked what a Polish “poop” was. As a child, I often slurred certain words and this word ”pope” was a new one for me.

The ladies laughed and explained what a pope was. They asked me if I wanted to be one when I was older, since they claimed to know I was baptised Catholic. They stated that it would be wonderful for our country to have an American pope.

I replied that it was this polish man’s life long dream and wish to be a pope and I couldn’t take that away from him. I told them how much of a good man he was, and that he deserved the position from all the things I could see, as I looked into his life and dreams.

I saw many more things as the ladies were busy listening, and I recall them rustling through their pocketbooks looking for something to write on.

They seemed not too surprised by all this, as if they were hoping or waiting for me to somehow magically open up and share all this knowledge. They actually replied to various things I said, as if they already knew or were told about certain things I was discussing, that would happen in the future.

I foresaw two George Bushes as president, and that really threw the ladies for a moment.

They seemed to acknowledge they knew about one, but two?

There would be two ‘George Bushes’ as presidents?

I explained that they wouldn’t be two presidents at the same time. One would be the son of the other, and many would say he actually stole the election, and then call him King George due to his behaviours. To that they were shocked, and asked if The United States was going to become a monarchy in the future. I had to clarify a few things, for them to understand what I was seeing in the future.

They asked me if I wanted to be president when I grew up. I recall telling them that I wouldn’t be allowed to be, and they told me that everyone in this country has a chance and a right to be president. They stated that if I wanted to be the president, I could for I was very special.

They told me that we lived in a free country.

I stated all that wasn’t true, and in reality I wasn’t any more special than anyone else.

This is an excerpt from the autobiography: Awaking Spirit reclamation of being

The authors autobiography:

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