Why I would Never Vote For Hillary

Since the Clintons and the DNC have rigged the primary from the outset, she would not be winning it. It would be stolen.

I would not vote for Hillary, even if Bernie Sanders told me personally to do so. For me, my vote is for a cause. It is not about a candidate.

My vote for Bernie Sanders is about the cause. The vote is not about him.

This is a political revolution for actual change. We are not looking for a hope to change. We are not looking for incremental change, when it is offered.

We want actual change.

We want it now.

I fully comprehend many people will upset themselves hearing those statements. Though the truth is that the Sanders campaign and the Clinton campaign are vastly different causes. The Clinton campaign, is about itself.

The Clinton campaign is about supporting those who want to continue in their positions of power, when they are not willing to overcome their own issues over others. They are failing to be conscious that they have been creating the issues. The Republicans have the same issues.

They literally control much of the agenda of the media, since those who own the media control those candidates. It is a war for your consciousness.

It is a paradigm of consciousness that many are locked within, unwilling to see their own complicity. It is a drama of karma, playing out in front of us.

Much of the country is locked within the complicity of this karma.

The younger generations are growing up to see, they are seeing that the adults are unwilling to behave as adults. The adults will be overthrown, so that the children can have a future to survive in. It is too late for any other choice. The children need to come forward before it is too late for them.

We are within the midst of the ascension of consciousness of the masses.

Hillary has created the illusion of supporting many of Bernies ideals. In fact, at times, she spins to it look like she was the one that thought of them in the first place. Hillary over time has proven she lacks the foresight to lead.

It is all political theator -

The proof is easily seen that Hillary lacks foresight. That is not being rude. That is not attacking her, it is just truth. Her past actions has shown it to be true. It is hallucinatory to not comprehend this. Many people are hallucinatory, and are lacking the consciousness to comprehend this.

I do not believe Hillary is qualified to be a responsible President of The United States of America. She lacks the abilities of response for this.

My vote is a vote for freedom, the freedom to actually vote. The freedom to live in a country where individual peoples vote count the same. Super predator/delegates have no place in a free society.

A nation that has free elections, has no need for super predator/delegates.

That is systemized/legalized corruption over the masses.

I am not looking for America to be ‘great again’ — I am praying that it can become greater than what it was before. I am praying it can overcome its ego, and its privilged sense that it is worth more than others.

I am praying for a compassionate country, as opposed to a predatory country feeding the war machine of the elite class. The war machine that is killing us all.

I refuse to be led to the fear mongering, which implies that if Hillary effectively stole the primary that I would have to vote for her.

That is imprisoning someone, and then telling them they can have freedom if they continue to commit to their imprisonment. That is illusion.

Much of the populace of The United States of America is suffering the effects of what is known as Stockholm Syndrome.

The citizens of The United States of America need to awaken and stand up.

We are in the process of an economic paradigm shift, which is closely related to the ascension of consciousness that we are all consciously or unconsciously in the midst of. Many are not currently capable, or willing to be capable, of comprehending the extent of what this means.

I am registered as an Independent. As many others that I know are. The reasoning for this, is that I refuse to prescribe to the subjugation of the current political parties that set themselves up for their own gains to support themselves as ‘elected’ officials. The proof of this, is in the works and actions/inactions of the officials themselves.

The electoral system is currently legalized corruption.

The current political system has allowed itself to be sold out.

The people of the country are currently subjugated to an Oligarchy.

The Oligarchy is controlling the system for their gains.

If things fail to change, future generations will not be able to survive. As extreme as that sounds, it is the inconvenient truth. If not now, it will be too late.

I certainly do not believe in violence. There already is, what is called an ‘Art of the Slow Kill’ taking place and many lack the consciousness to comprehend it. We are already suffering the violence of the Oligarchy in so many subtle and outright ways. We need to transcend this behaviour from the species, or none of the human races will survive.

The reset button needs to be pressed.

It needs to change before it is too late.

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