One heart —

My hands open to you, and with it comes my heart. Gripped together by touch, I welcome all that you are. No race, no colour, no gender — concepts of money or religion. No greed, no country, no power — imagined success or division.

Our connection is not defined by simple, man-made things. The time we have and how we’re formed is one and the same. Blood and bones, dirt and sweat, and all of life’s experiences in between. Birth and death, love and loss, we’re all connected beautifully as human beings.

Time threads —

Threads loop…

A new chapter —

When everything’s in motion, it’s hard to know up from down. In the middle of chaos, find where your heart is now. Extend in either direction, from head down to the feet. The person in between, comes with everything you need.

Swells will fill the ocean, ride the waves as they break. Change is part of growth, integral in how we’re made. Bright light fills your vision, energy expands your lungs. Welcome to today, a new chapter has begun.

A gift to discover —

You could be anywhere in the world — you’re here in this…

Someday will come —

Someday we will slow, and then begin to fade. From the second we are born, nature starts to take away. Moments we have left are of unknown time and measure. Maybe a life long lived or a careless accident tomorrow.

In every great adventure, each book will reach a conclusion. And when that final blink comes, what things will you see in it? A blur of the trivial, forgotten times of abundant excess… Or a life lived with meaning, rooted in value and purpose?

Your attention —

Fighting for your time and scattering your attention. They’ll…

From the start —

A new page mirrors back, bare and open. Static and lifeless, filled with nothing, no emotion. Floating through time, no concept of start or finish. Overwhelmed in mind, how to navigate this process.

Then that first mark happens, a line, a simple character. Movement under the skin, draws on and in your attention. Your story’s already started, formed by each stretch taken. Before you were born, an author in this life from conception.

What is next —

Moments build on movement, day after day. Words will describe your world, page after page. What life will you…

Hey there,

We are so glad you could join us. You’ve been growing. On this path, you are who you’re becoming.

We’ve been here waiting and anticipating. Patiently with tender hearts and open imaginations. Just thinking about the life you’ll live and the joys you’ll bring us. The things you’ll learn to let go, and the things you’ll hold and cherish. One step at a time, one foot in front of the next. Remember, this is your life — it’s here for you and your experience.

Imagine and create… Become who you know you’re meant to be, and change as…

This note might seem a bit out of the blue, but I’ve been working through some ideas, and wanted to share some good energy with you.

Where this started

Months ago, I started to write some words down. A reflective story about risk and adventure.

A social experiment with my life and career opened the door to unimaginable self discovery.

The start of this book, bound by my heart, was creative in concepts but rooted in empirical knowledge. Questions and answers on becoming a better person in a better world. Lessons provided through linear and researched experiences. A search for happiness + fulfillment fueled an even bigger journey, beginning with a drive across the country.

With friends and partners, we let go of the shore and began to swim…

Keith Jones & Good Company

TEDx speaker. I use creativity to design a better future. Sharing the empirical outcomes / lessons learned with My Tribe.

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