Strange Hate: Getting the bad reviews in early

I launched my latest book Strange Hate: Antisemitism, Racism and the Limits of Diversity, on 11 June 2019 with a small private party. The book deals with a serious subject but I wanted a light-hearted event. A couple of friends, Dan Jacobs and Ben Crowne suggested that they ‘roast’ me at the party. They ended up roasting the book instead — Dan from the perspective of a left-wing Corbynite Jewish activist, Ben from the perspective of a right-wing pro-Israel activist. It was a lot of fun and gave the non-Jewish guests a bewildering flavour of the incessant trench-fighting of British Jewish communal politics.

Dan sent me his roast and, with permission, I’m publishing it below. He also sent me a right-wing pro-Israel roast too, which I’m also publishing. Ben spoke from notes but if he wants to turn it into something publishable I will post it too.


I’d like to thank Repeater books for sending me a copy of this book, which I otherwise would not have paid for, for review prior to publication. My PhD in crop rotation in the 14th century, makes me uniquely qualified to give an unbiased account of this book.

As some of my followers will know, my great grandfather, Hymie (Harold) Walker was Jewish, he was a member of the Bund and a respected anti-Zionist who has inspired me ever since I found out about him and embraced my Judaism, last year. This is when I founded the ‘Real Jewish Socialists’ group to present an authentic voice of real Jews within the Labour party, which I rejoined and then promptly got suspended from. Apparently they didn’t like my blog posts on how rothschilds are taking over the world.

I’d definitely rate this book as one of the better pieces of zionist propaganda released during 2019. Most of which has been specifically designed to denigrate my hero Jeremy, the timing of course coinciding with just the time when a general election is likely to be happen.

This vile tome by the Zio-scum (I think we’re still allowed to use this term), has obviously been written as an attempt to undermine our dear leader Jeremy Corbyn (his name be blessed) who has, from the instant he became party leader, been under attack from the likes of Kahn-Harris and his Zionist cabal.

A statistical review of the book shows that Jeremy’s name appears 76 times, whereas Hitler’s name is not present. How can anyone take seriously a book that claims Jeremy to be 76 times more antisemitic than Hitler.

Kahn-Harris’ central claim is about the ‘selectivism’ by philo-Jews and anti-semites e.g. the good Jew vs bad Jew concept. This is a complete nonsense in itself. Real Jews such as myself and my friend Jacqueline Goyson as well as our colleagues in the Neturei Karta who stand for real socialist values (apart from the laters views on everything apart from Palestine) are not selecting good Jews vs bad Jews.

We making a completely different argument altogether which is that you’re not at all a Jew if you’re a Zionist. If someone is not a Jew, then how can we be antisemitic when we discuss their tendencies towards world domination?

If you’ve given yourself over to the cult of Zionism or supporting IsraHell, then clearly you have no interest in real Jewish values such as love and tolerance, we therefore completely cut these people off from Judaism and prefer never to speak of these filth.

My group which is still pending official Labour party affiliation, Real Jewish Socialists, have often been accused of being antisemitic which is very odd. Firstly, most of these Zionists accusers are not even semites but rather Khazars (according to third rate scholarly research and debunked DNA evidence that I have written about previously).

Secondly, as previously mentioned they’re not even real Jews as they hate Palestinians, have no love and tolerance and reject the words of their great teacher, Jesus Christ, who preached to them and who in turn they murdered.

‘Strange Hate’ covers a range of on topic issues, from Kahn-Harris’ warped and limited mind, and provide us with simple points to refute. An example is his reference to the IHRA debate from 2018.

Clearly he totally missed our point at the time which is that we didn’t have a problem with the IHRA definition per se but rather that we believed the word Jew should simply be replaced with Palestinian each time it’s mentioned in the document. If that small change was made, we would have fully supported it. After all, the biggest victims of the Holocaust are the Palestinians.

Another point that Mr Kahn-Harris attempts to make in his babbling and largely incoherent way is that he would like us all to love each other even though we have different views. We at RJS are happy accept this proposal when our simple, basic conditions are met:

These khazar (fake) Jews need to renounce Zionism
Cease immediately these false accusations against RJS such as accusing us of using antisemitic tropes, only a lizard would say such things
Kahn-Harris and his loyalists must resign their positions in the illuminati world leadership conglomerate
Gilad Atzmon & Jackie Walker are made co-chairs of the Board of Deputies of Jews You people must stop denying these hierarchies of antisemitism when we all know antisemitism isn’t as bad as other racism. Look how rich the Jews are

We feel this is the very minimum we’re able to accept. We’d have preferred an immediate evacuation of Tel Aviv by the colonialists invaders (Israelis) but we’re trying to be reasonable here.

Finally a plug for the book:

‘Strange Hate’ by Keith Kahn Harris is published by the Zionist controlled media publisher Repeater and is available for a money grabbing £10.99 in all Murdoch owned book shops.

By Melanie Levy — Zionist Federation of Finchley, deputy chair 2011

I’d like to thank the publishers of this blog for bravely posting my review after it was rejected by the Jewish Chronicle, bunch of soft lefties. I’ll start by a summation of the contents of this book by quoting the great President Trump, ‘fake news’.

That is not to say the book is completely without merit, I found it was a perfectly sized trivet for my Kugal last shabbos. However, my Rov (Rabbi) told me that owning this book is asur (forbidden) due to its author being a kofer (heretic) and the words inside nasrishkite (nonsense).

That being said, I did read the book before burning it in my garden. The author (may his name be forgotten) builds a strawman argument that falls apart when you consider one important fact: Most criticism of Israel is antisemitic. Some guidelines for your readers of criticism that is and is not acceptable.

- Israel is occupying the West Bank (sic) and the Gaza strip — as we know, it’s the Arabs who are occupying Shomron & Judia and we pulled out of Gaza (enough already with that). This is classic antisemitism as it denies the right to Jewish ownership that was given by God 5000 years ago and handed down by each generation to me.

- Israel has not hit Gaza hard enough, there are still some buildings standing in that neighborhood we just flattened. This is reasonable criticism as it is about defending our homeland from the massive army of Hamas.

- The Eurovision song contest should not have been held in Israel. Now this is a tricky one. You need to find out who is saying this. If it’s one of these antisemitic BDS types it’s totally wrong, however my Rov said that Eurovision breaks shabbat and supports toevah (abominable sexual acts) so in that sense it’s not antisemitic.

- Jerusalem is not part of Israel VS Tel Aviv is not part of Israel. The former is antisemitic because as above, God gave it to me, I mean us. The latter is true because Tel Aviv is like Sodom and Gomorrah so should be destroyed, but I do like the Dan Panorama (hotel) for a weekend so I have mixed feelings about that.

So there is my guide, it’s clear enough so any breaches and I will report you to the ERHC.

Anyway, back to the book. Mr K-H, the author seems to enjoy giving a free pass to left wing antisemitism. He does this by diluting the idea that — as the wonderful Theresa May would say — Antisemitism IS Antisemitism. There is no soft/half/mix-mash version. Corbyn and his followers are just plain and simple antisemites. No need to dress it up. If this country wants to vote in an antisemite, I’m off to live in Florida, where I can practice my Zionism without judgement, I would go to Israel but it’s very expensive there.

The author thinks he’s very clever, telling us to ‘restrain’ ourselves and be ‘minimally civil’ to the antisemites. Look what happened when Chamberlin tried that. Didn’t end so well did it? No, I will continue my vitriolic letter writing campaigns to the national press every time there is a headline that is slightly critical of Israel. I will wrap myself in the Israeli flag and shout abuse at rallies against pro-Palestinian (aka antisemites) demonstrators (unless Love Island is on that night) and I will resist these so called academics who use clever words to quieten my voice and my husband will do what he’s told and like it.

‘Strange Hate’ by Keith Kahn Harris is available in all good antisemitc book stores for £10.99.



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Professionally curious writer and sociologist. Expert on Jews and on heavy metal — interested in much more. For more about me go to