Learning through Analogies

I just watched Android Design In Action I/O 2014 video and they did a great job in walking me through the design process of the app. When I built my first android app, I had no idea how I wanted to create the UI. I just started throwing buttons, text boxes, and image views all over the canvas like someone who does splat paint.

You can go further with that analogy and see that the only difference with the splat paint and my canvas, is that mine responds to touch. In computer terminology the painting is static and mine is dynamic.

Okay, maybe that analogy is a bit lame, but that’s the best part though. By making an analogy, I’ve analyzed a concept well enough to link it to another example. Not only that, it is helping me create this guided door where I can step in and learn the more complex concepts of android without much difficulty.

I’ve been starting to do this type of learning where I try to make an analogy with everything I learn. It is seriously is helping! I wish I learned to do this a lot earlier, but I stand by the quote, “It’s never too late to learn.”

Oh and first medium post. ☺


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