To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: - Ecclesiastes 3:1

This scriptures as made famous in the 60s by a song called turn,turn,turn which was a big hit and was part of the cultural revolution of that era. But what is the meaning of this verse and the entire chapter. It is believed that Soloman wrote these verses because of the great wisdom he was given by God. But contrary to popular thought this chapter does not speak of the free will of man but that all events in life are already determined by God's providence. Not to say we are robots but there are some things we simply can not comprehend. When Solomon used his wisdom he came to the conclusion that everything in life is meaning less apart from God. We can strive and attain just about anything we want but if it's not done for the glory of God and only for our selfish purposes it will never have lasting meaning or fulfillment. Solomon choose to give up controls and allow God to be in charge of his life. If we are honest that's what we should be doing daily. Its okay to have dreams and personal goals in life but if they are all selfish and give no glory to God then we are only living for ourselves and are missing out on why he saved us in the first place. Having said all of that I must confess I am not there 100% but I am greatful for the grace given to us that we are all works in progress !

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