Stop Equating Women In Tech With Engineers
Rachel Sklar

This is the most amazing and effective case that I have seen yet made on this subject.

Working in tech as a third party recruiter, I am drawn to read each and every one of these articles related to sexism in tech like a moth to a flame. In the past two years, I have probably read over a hundred, and most have a grain of truth (or multiple grains), but still do not hit the mark as devastatingly as this one. Most are on the dearth of women engineers, which is a separate problem entirely, as this piece demonstrates.

I believe the VC subset of the tech industry is generally adept at finding and funding good ideas, but completely agree with this author that the reasons given for not including more women in Venture Capital do not hold water, are outrageous, and ironically, are limiting the potential of the process of funding great ideas.

Well done, Ms. Sklar.

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