Johnnys in modern music who deserve a chance to respond

Keith O'Brien
Nov 2, 2015 · 1 min read

Johnny: Hippy Johnny

Song: I’m Straight by the Modern Lovers

Sample Lyric: “Why always stoned, like hippie Johnny is?
I’m straight and I want to take his place
Oh I’m certainly not stoned, like hippie Johnny is”

Johnny: Angry Johnny

Song: Angry Johnny by Poe

Sample Lyric: I wanna kill you…I wanna blow you… Away

Johnny: Prince Johnny

Song: Prince Johnny by St. Vincent

Sample Lyric: Prince Johnny, you’re kind but you’re not simple
By now, I think I know the difference
You wanna be a son of someone

Johnny: Johnny Too Bad

Song: Johnny Too Bad by Bunny Wailer

Sample Lyric: You’re just a robbing and stabbing and
Looting and a shooting and you too bad, too bad

Johnny: Johnny Angel

Song: Johnny Don’t Do It by 10CC

Sample Lyrics: He was only 17
Just got out of school
He stole a bike from Joe’s garage
To prove that he was cool
He didn’t know that the brakes were worn

Johnny: Jonee

Song: Come Back Jonee by Devo

Sample Lyric: Jonee, you’re bad
You’re gonna make her sad

Keith O'Brien

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Figuring it out. Content and marketing and other things. Elsewhere @oral_histories @wavrr @whatinteresting. What a day that was.

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