The Media Did Only What It Could, Which Was Close to Nothing

Keith O'Brien
Nov 8, 2016 · 2 min read

If you believe that the Trump Candidacy is a bad thing, it’s nice and easy to blame the media. Many in the media are blaming themselves. This is incorrect.

If you look hard enough at Trump support, you can find a couple of threads, a majority of which is a reason why any one person would support Donald Trump.

  1. Racism. A racist is not going to care much if you point out all of the racist things Donald Trump has done and said, and is doing and saying. Lest this get turned into a thing, there are real, avowed racists openly supporting Trump. You can, of course, support Trump without being racist. See below:
  2. Believes Hillary Clinton to be incredibly corrupt and/or a war hawk. Clinton has been and is a war hawk. Unless you want to carry water for Clinton and ignore the reality that she is a war hawk, there’s not much you can do here. You could make the case that the media covered her emails way too much, but, onto point 3
  3. Believes the media is bad and false and lying about pts 1 and 2. and about everything. Not sure how the media is going to win a public trial when the public believes the judge and jury is corrupt.
  4. Believe Trump to be the only one to bring prosperity to the working class. This is the one that the media sure tried their damnedest to disprove, but because of #3, it was futile.

As said elsewhere, the media would prefer to say it failed than to say it was feckless. The media has great power and can sway public opinion and do a great service w/r/t informing the citizenry. F0r this particular round, they were merely going along for the ride.

Keith O'Brien

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Figuring it out. Content and marketing and other things. Elsewhere @oral_histories @wavrr @whatinteresting. What a day that was.

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