Searching for Love

Extract from Searching for Love, to be published on St Valentine’s Day.

Keith Parkins
Jan 29, 2014 · 1 min read

I searched so hard
For you
I looked in books

I looked at pictures
Of fairy tale princesses
Living happily ever after
And wondered

About this mysterious thing
Called Love
That seemed to be the answer
To all questions of happiness …

Extract from Searching for Love, forthcoming anthology of poetry from Steph Bradley, to be published on leanpub on 14 February 2014, St Valentine’s Day.

Storyteller and scribe Steph Bradley, had a dream to walk from village to town and town to village for six moons, telling stories, collecting stories, the collected stories published in Tales of Our Times, a book of thirteen chapters and thirteen copies, representing the thirteen moons of a year.

Steph Bradley is also working on a new book, Flip Flop, to be published in the spring.

    Keith Parkins

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    Writer, thinker, deep ecologist, social commentator, activist, enjoys music, literature and good food.

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