Experts in authoritarianism say Trump’s agenda has settled. And it’s scary.
Justin Salhani

This article is a joke. See a democratic society is one thats based on freedoms. The liberalist is being misguided to communism. That is a failed government. Thump has given more power back to the states, is bringing our economy back from globalism, i know liberalist that think thats good, well get out your scales, now stack 100 pennies on one side and 10 on the other. the 100 represent the average US citizens life style, now start removing your sides pennies to equal the scales, thats how your life style will diminish in order to make some ones in another countries better, now equal it out for every country thats lifestyle is lower then ours. we will all live in poverty if globalization isn’t stopped. Now as for the “scholars”, I take it they are all majored in the CPUSA’s goals and their Agenda, they are most likely members, versed in how to portray lies as truth and start hysteria with the younger liberals, who where not taught critical thinking and will believe all this crap.

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