Matrix AI Network: My Case #2 for the #1 Crypto…


In my last article (link here) I talked about the use cases for Matrix AI and why its roadmap addresses major pain points of today’s blockchain technology.

This time I’m going to address macro factors like China, AI, industries and applications that Matrix serves.

I’ve since done deeper research into Matrix and have a better understanding of its origin. Matrix is truly an AI platform first and a blockchain platform second. This is important to understand especially to its potential.


If you notice in the Telegram response above they have completed the AI part because they already had an award winning AI platform to begin with! AI is difficult to get right and make it adaptable. The fact that this AI environment is already completed means the focus shifted to blockchain development. This often gets overlooked in the roadmap. It creates a huge barrier to entry for other players in the space. The “hard part” is done, folks.

China has announced massive investments in AI. Take a look at this headline and this is but one of many.




The fact that Matrix tackles two of the hottest technologies in one environment should lead to speculation about China’s adoption.

This is what Matrix is already working on…

“Their first application will be a diagnosis system for use in hospitals which uses AI to assist in cancer diagnoses, starting with liver cancer. It’s already under development together with the Beijing Cancer Hospital and other large hospitals in the area.”

So, Matrix built world class AI, is building top shelf blockchain technology, already has real world use cases, and aligns with China’s plan to dominate AI. I’d call that solid positioning.

I talked about how the AI will initially be used in Matrix through intelligent smart contracts, security auditing, and performance. The beauty of AI is that it’s ever expansive. Blockchain, once fully developed, might only go so far. Once it’s decentralized, smart contract engine written, fast, scalable and has interoperability the future is mostly iterative. That is not the case with AI. AI is vast and we can’t even foresee future use cases right now. This makes Matrix both different and better positioned over other blockchain projects. The potential of AI with blockchain is truly limitless.

It’s this takeaway that is oh so important. I’ve done true deep dives on most of the other blockchain infrastructure projects. They’re all vying to be faster, more scalable, decentralized, and increment their way to be better than the last. Matrix has the potential to be all that as well as an innovative canvas for a vast amount of industries, applications, and future unknown projects.

There is a lot of development in this space with some truly unique and creative ideas, but having a foundation built to allow others to innovate their way into the future is vastly underrated.

Matrix, though early, continues to shine light on the potential of all this. With China’s vast resources, interest, and dominance Matrix has an incredibly bright future.

As I sit here and write this Matrix is sitting at .57c with an $85 million dollar market cap. Compare that to Cardano at $5.5bil or EOS at $5.2bil. Let that soak in and then think of the potential partnerships, applications, and industries that Matrix can and will disrupt. I’d say there’s some more room to grow, don’t you think?

Babble #2: No shilling here. I’m just an investigative researcher looking for the best of the best.

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