Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Developers in ,Nairobi Kenya

If your business idea depends on a mobile application,a good mobile app developer is required for it to succeed.In my experience about 75% of your application success depends on the developer who you entrust it with.The first thing that attracts a user to your application is the user interface.You may be offering very good customer service or the best product in your niche but if the user experience of your app is not good it will definitely discourage your customer.

For this reason we have taken our time to list companies that have mastered the skill of developing award-winning and user-friendly apps. Each one of them has a solid foundation of top developers backed up with heart winning strategies and exceptional technical skills.

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When it comes to ios app development and android app development in kenya kenyaaapexperts is the number one stop shop.They have a range of motivated and brilliant developers who are always up to date with the latest technology.Looking at there portifolio you will finds apps like Storekenya which has an amazing user experience.Its high downloads on the playstore can show you just what i mean.There also have a web development team which is also fantastic if you also need a web portal for your app.

2.Bti MillMall

This is a team made of young mobile app developers who have been working together for a long time.They specialize in ios mobile app development and have won several awards for best app in this area.They tailor made mobile and web solution will definitely cater for your need.

3.Andela Kenya

For companies looking for permanent developers to join there team this is the place to look.They train developers with the best industry standards,which means you are assured of quality.What separate them from the rest is the fact that there allow you to take the developers on a contract basis which may be good for your company if you are building a mobile app that require regular updates.Website development is also a niche there venture in.

4.Smart web Kenya

Their customer service may as well be what make them such a great company.They started of as a web development company based inat View Park Towers Nairobi kenya.However with the rise of smartphone there saw a need to diversify to ios mobile app development and android mobile app development.Although website development is still their main niche they have great app such as MICRODE CONSULT to showcase.

5.Zoom IT Limited

They have had alot of success when it comes to health and agribusiness mobile app development in kenya .There mobile apps solution is something that stands out from the crowd.

6.Kenya Web Developers

This is a company that also major in webhosting.Its among the few companies that do this in kenya.They are dedicated to serving there customers with the best and quality mobile apps.If you are looking for quality website you should definitely approach them.


They are in the business of building business ready solutions,which is a requirement in this changing times.They provide high end features such as push notifications on topics geo-located notifications.There also do social media integration on your android app which is a must have if you want you mobile application thrive with Seo.

8.Bencro Transition Design

Founded in 2010 there have the experience of age.There mostly deal with android and mobile application which are majorly eccormerce oriented.If you need your mobile solution to be made by people who have been in the industry for a longer time then this is th place you should go to.

9.Poa App

Payment integration is what there know best.Every android and iphone app in kenya these days need atleast to intergrate with one payment platform.Mpesa is the first option as 85% of people use it.If you require in your mobile app,then you don’t have to look elsewhere.Just visit poa app website and there will be waiting to convert your idea into something viable.

10.Code sahara Technologies

If you need a state of art solution then this is your place.This list would be incomplete without mentioning codesahara.When i was doing my research for the best apps their well built website attracted me which made me get curious with what there can offer.It turned out that there might as well be the best in the industry.More like andela there have an online school where they teach their developers from.This makes them have wide pool of developers to choose from when making a mobile app from any niche.


Deciding to make a mobile app for your product may be the greatest investment.However this may not be the greatest challenge of all.The challenge is choosing the right developer for your work.If you go with one of this developers we have listed am sure you will not go wrong.

However make an effort to vet some of them and try to do a little research as they will either be your downfall all your greatest asset.

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