New users and customers! They register all the time, and the first piece of internal tooling many companies and projects implement is a new user / customer notification pipeline. After all — we need to know who’s signing up so we can learn as much as possible about our users. Today we’re going to use Build on Standard Library to automatically create a Node.js-powered workflow that:

  • Upon receiving a Stripe customer.created event…
  • … retrieves additional information about that customer using Clearbit
  • … and sends a formatted message to Slack in a #new-customers channel!
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Our end result will look something like this!

What we’ll need beforehand…

  • 1x Stripe Account
  • 1x Slack workspace (we recommend starting with a “test”…

You ever forget about upcoming events you’re trying to keep track of with an Event Planning tool? Maybe you’re using something like Airtable to track upcoming conferences or give yourself a todo list, but you haven’t created calendar reminders. Wouldn’t it be great if you could set up a system that, once a day, checks for upcoming events and sends you a text message if you find any? Today, we’ll build that.

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Setting up a Workflow that generates Node.js code is simple!

Today we’re going to use Build on Standard Library to:

  1. Link our desired Airtable accounts to a single auth token
  2. Connect to other APIs (like utils/sms) to complete our…

Web crawling! Since the early days of the world wide web, people have been crawling webpages to categorize the information contained within. This is the main function of search engines like Google and Bing. But sometimes we want to automate our own crawlers — getting information like e-mails and phone numbers can be helpful for finding contact or sales information for customers.

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Setting up Build on Standard Library is Easy!

For those who aren’t familiar, Build on Standard Library is a product that allows you to automatically generate Node.js code-based workflows in response to events, as well as link API accounts together in minutes. …


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