Build a Slack “New Customer” Notification App in 7 Minutes with Stripe, Clearbit, Standard Library and Node.js

Keith Horwood
Jul 24 · 8 min read
Our end result will look something like this!

What we’ll need beforehand…

Minute 1: Create your Workflow

Let’s build our workflow!
Set up your workflow like this

Minute 2: Link Your Clearbit Account

You’ll need to link each account to proceed…
You’ll be shown a list of Clearbit accounts you’ve previously linked
You need to fill in these details
Clearbit is linked!

Minute 3: Link Your Slack App and Workspace

Click Link New Resource if this is your first time…
Click Finish (bottom right) to proceed once you’ve copied the values in
Click Install to proceed
Slack is now linked!

Minute 4: Link Your Stripe Account

Link new?
Sign in if necessary
Connect my Stripe account!
You can now click Next

Minute 5: Prototype Workflow with the Visual Editor

Prototype Your Workflow
Use this value to read the property from the Stripe event
Select the Slack API
Fill out slack.channels.messages.create() details…
Click Run with Test Event
Ran successfully!

Minute 6: Customize Your Workflow with Code

Find Developer Mode (bottom right)
You can now see the code that powers your workflow.
Copy and paste this into the workflow code editor
Hit Run with Test Event
Congrats! It works.
Click this Cog to edit test data…
Modify from
You can test with different e-mails!
Click Next to proceed

Minute 7: Ship it!

Automatically suggested name and filename
Manage your Project
Summary of your Workflow / Endpoint

That’s it! 🙏 Thank you!

Request an Invitation on the right of our documentation!

Thanks to Jacob Lee

Keith Horwood

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