Dear Twitter: Stop Trying To Make Check Marks Happen
Silvia Killingsworth

Twitter seems to believe that the solution to the problems of it being such a wide-open platform are to tier and restrict it as a platform. I suppose there’s a certain sense in that, but beyond the preoccupation within certain demographics (namely, journalists and those who consume news and such information in similar ways to journalists) it’s stalled as a social media platform, and I don’t see how clamping down and stratifying it will address that.

I mean, sure, they could give up and admit they’ll never become a universal social media institution like Facebook, and in many respects these latest pushes would seem to be indications of that sort of planning, but for a contemporary tech company to admit to aiming for anything less than total world domination of a market is unthinkable. As such I fully imagine that their strategy will continue to be . . . muddled.

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