Why Chocolatey is broken beyond any hope

Package maintenance

Security is a real issue

Chocolatey is not very good at being a framework

It’s open source, just fix it

“Some tools you don’t want the latest and greatest. Vagrant is a fantastic case of this. When a new version comes out, it’s not a tool you want to immediately upgrade as you need to wait for your plugins to get updated first.”

— Rob Reynolds

“Is there value in having *a version* of a piece of software, even if it is not the latest and greatest? Aside from security fixes (you always want the latest security fixes), I think there is some value in getting software to your machine. I guess the point I’m trying to make is, what did you do before to make sure you were always on the latest and greatest of every tool/software on your box ALL THE TIME? Run a tool and then manually update all of them? Or use some sort of automation to do so? And two months after rebuilding your machine, were you always up to date on everything?”

— Rob Reynolds

Is there no hope for Windows?



Founder of AppGet (WinGet?), Sonarr.

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