July 2017 Development Update

May you dress this fashionably on YOUR big day

It has been two months since the alpha launch of Keiyaku Kekkon and boy have we learned a lot.

We spent most of May and June doing user testing and fixing bugs. We discovered that the site is not as intuitive to use as we had hoped. People could sign up, but they were unsure of what to do next.

We added a support page, some help text when the mouse hovers over buttons, a YouTube tutorial, and a few helpful reminders for users setting up their marriage contracts.

We also added this cool Marriage Contract Builder tool. It lets people play with the site’s tools without making an account. It turned out to be a great source of feedback. We intend to use it for social media marketing with a hashtag campaign where people can share their ideal marriage arrangements.

The site is still in Alpha and will remain so until we see at least a few hundred more users. That means it is still completely free to use. We are having an engineer do a final audit of the site to check user experience and security. Overall we are happy to say that the site is stable, it works, and it looks pretty cool.

Aside from site improvements we have also created some new presentations and pitch decks.

Here is the basic pitch for Keiyaku Kekkon: Condensed Chill Pitch

Here is a more serious pitch about Keiyaku Kekkon and the importance of marriage: The Serious Pitch

We will be presenting at the Tokyo Startup Engineers July Pitch Night event in Tokyo. Over the next several weeks we will be ramping up marketing efforts to get more signups and feedback.

Thanks so much to everyone who has already signed up or shown us some love on social media. Your support means the world. Let’s keep working to make marriage great again!


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