About All This Drama and Whatnot
Awesomely Luvvie

There was no indictment on mixed race or biracial women. STOP IT. There is ONE PROBLEMATIC ONE who has used, stolen, hurt, threatened and abused black women for at least 3 years. And NOW heads are calling her out AND distancing themselves from her toxicity. Rightfully so.

Not just 1 or 2 BLACK AMERICAN women but entire crews of black women. But somehow THEY aren’t deserving of protection from this monster, who has NEVER ACTUALLY LIVED A BLACK EXPERIENCE to date by the way. How does that work? So these women who’ve been traumatized by her are liars? Why does SHE deserve grace over them? How does the perpetrator now become a victim and she has NEVER APOLOGIZED TO ANY OF THESE WOMEN? And why are THESE women seemingly expected to continue to withstand her abuse towards them?

I’m so confused as to why NOW- black men and women are being obtuse to the pain of NUMEROUS black women caused by ONE woman who co-opted their work and experiences.

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