Yes! We Can Be Black, “Woke” And Not Agree And You Can Also Catch These Hands If You Try Me!

If you haven’t noticed by now, “woke” is a semi new buzzword that black intellectuals are using. I think it replaced “conscious”. I know it’s shorter to type and to a writer- namely me, that’s all that matters. “Woke” isn’t a word which I utilize in my daily vernacular but then again millennials are using it enough for all of us.

There’s a growing consensus among a few folks in the black social justice circle that being “woke” requires that we agree. I’ve seen posts on Facebook like “if you aren’t for blah blah blah, you aren’t for black people.” It’s one of the major issues I have with people using that word. I’m not woke. I know history, I know my experiences, I know the people who I love and I know that black women are the sustentation of EVERYBODY’S struggle. We take the “l’s” so that other groups can feel uplifted and supported even at the cost of our own unity and sanity.

Black women, in all of our regal glory, have become the footstools of the “revolution” sent to do the henchmen’s job when other black women are deemed to be “problematic” because they disagree. I’ve seen this primarily when it comes to the discussion of transwomen (NOT transmen), discussions regarding self-proclaimed “feminists” and their infamous clapback word “mammy” and keyboard activists who’ve not applied their solutions to real life work.

I’m over it. Futile attempts to “drag folks” are wack because irl AND the way my “inner nigga” is set up- you’d get your ass beat being all rahrah and seeing how most of these types have never even seen the makings of a fight- they may wanna fall back just a little. This isn’t a threat but typically old heads have been in the trenches, have paid their academic dues AND have actually used their hands. You see as much as I love us- some folks’ are killing it for me. At 42, I’m, profoundly, aware that everybody’s struggle ain’t for me. I’m ok with that. I’m also ok with folks not agreeing with me. That’s life. State your truth and keep it pushing. Fight your fight. Disagreeing doesn’t make any one of us enemies, “phobic”, “toxic” or ________ shaming” any more than overused buzzwords make me buy the rigmarole.

Also, I’m a nonconformist from waaaaaaaay back so I really don’t care if I’m not giving warm and fuzzies around the room because of what I say. It is perfectly ok to fight for people and not agree with their ideals and again EVERY struggle isn’t your struggle.

It’s time to stop whining about people not sharing your opinions and if you are REALLY in it to do the work, DO THE DAMN WORK. Stop worrying about the words of others and this incessant need to “drag’ somebody for not having the same viewpoint. Because I can tell you firsthand that a real-life drag ain’t what you want.

Stay “Woke”!