Afro-Latinos: Do We Really Need To Belong?

Afro-latinos have been quite vocal over the past two years with regard to “negrura” and being latino. It’s a vicious cycle que naviguemos almost daily. However, this is where I get off.

It just feels like the call of attention to afro-latinos is just a highlight of the latter with a need to pander for acceptance. I’m not here for that shit. At ALL. Mira, it’s a shitty feeling to walk in places with people with whom you share a culture, a language or even a native country and they treat you like you are invisible because you’re black. I mean- you really couldn’t see my black ass? And because we want to appear gracious or non-confrontational, we do shit like smile or speak in Spanish so we can be a part of the “familia”. FUCK THAT. No. Really. FUCK THAT.

Last year, we were at my brother-in-law’s house and there was a family gathering. My husband’s sister, apparently, invited some of HER folks over and they came. All was going well until I hear my husband and my bro-in-law interacting with some drunk Mexican dude ( I might still be a little pissy).

Conversation goes as follows:

Mi negro: ” blah blah yadda yadda…. I’m Dominican and Anthony is my brother.”

Standing with his brother.

Drunk Mexican Dude: “Ooooooh, you’re Spanish? and THAT’s your brother? Like I can tell you but I would never think HE was Spanish.”

Mi negro: “Yeah that’s my brother.”

Anthony was, clearly, annoyed by this asshole and he walked away.

I’m getting hotter by the moment. Now, this isn’t my house but if it had been- that short asshole and his entire family “would’ve got to steppin!” *in my Martin voice*

This green card having bastard would insult my brother so matter of factly like he doesn’t have a shitload of black folks in Mexico. And on top of that, to act like his kind of blackness is too ugly to be considered latino was the icing on the cake.

I stormed away so hard that the hell and high water moved the fuck out of my way. This desgraciado had the nerve to comment to my husband about me storming off.

I was shaking with rage. Not because this, obviously, stupid man felt the need to disregard and shade black folks in my presence but because he felt like HE COULD shade black folks IN FRONT OF BLACK FOLKS.

No somos iguales. Let’s get that straight today. Many latinos, regardless, of class seem to think that they are above afro-latinos including the white, green-eyed boricua working the cash register at the 7 Eleven on Oak Ridge in Orlando by Millenia who looked like she barely finished high school.

Excuse me? Bitch, you’ve a lot of nerve to look at me with disdain as I speak to you in Spanish and you proceed to chagrin me. You are a cashier. Clearly, NOT THE ELITE. Fuck outta here. I hope that she reads this. If you know her, put the link on her Facebook. I digress.

I can’t say that I’m here for “la raza” so much. It seems to happen to us EVERYWHERE we go and I have lost my patience. My husband and brother-in-law hadn’t ever really given it any thought until I told them to take note of every time it happened. It happened A LOT.

Fijense que no somos buena gente hasta que declaremos que somos latinos… ONLY then are we in the fold and barely. BUT barely. God forbid you bring home a nappy-headed negra or un prieto con pelo malo. You know that you’ve fucked up the kids, right?

I don’t want to hear about your black ‘buela and that latinos can’t be racist. BULLSHIT. I am not begging you for your acceptance. You see. I don’t need it. Never have. On the contrary, you will NOT say anything derogatory about “los morenos” in my presence and think that I won’t check your stupid ass. And, DEFINITELY, don’t be afro-latino and try it. Language means nothing to me. An oppressor’s language means even less. Know that I’m not foolish enough to think that you care about us because compartimos una lengua. We are tolerated. Afro-latinos fill in the gaps when latinos need representation.

The same way that you don’t give a damn about us. I don’t give a damn about you. My team outnumbers you and they collectively love afro-latinos even if it takes some understanding and comprehensive teaching. Tenemos una familia en la diaspora and that’s all the family that we’ll ever need.

So the next time that you feel inclined to pop shit about that “maldita negra” or “el vago moreno” check your racist privilege because your wack ass isn’t any different que los gringos.