How Many More R. Kelly Stories Do You Really Need To Finally Believe?

R. Kelly is a fucking monster. PERIOD. I was going to write a long ass thinkpiece about how trifling many of y’all, who’ve continued to support this vile piece of shit ass negro, are.

And then I thought better because I had been there and done that.

Also, I have grown weary of hearing you niggas say how great of an artist he is. I got it. Niggas just wanna dance. Smile and dance. Shuck and muthafucking jive! Hell, where’s the Colonel when you need him? All you’re missing is the fried chicken.

You see… Y’all created this monster and this situation. When y’all learned about R. Kelly and Aaliyah, you denied it. EVEN WITH A COPY OF THE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE.

When y’all saw this bitch ON CAMERA taking a WHOLE PISS ON A KID, y’all cracked jokes and said the girl was fast and who would let somebody pee on them?

When this spawn of Satan came to your cities, your dumb asses lined up and bought tickets filling his pockets. Talmbout- his music is separate from who he is.

Even “grown ass women” with daughters.

When he went public with his 19 year old girlfriend whom he met when she was 17, y’all slow asses said..”She’s over 18!”

COMPLETELY IGNORING THE FACT that predators groom their victims.

AND NOW WE ARE HERE…and there’s some band of simpletons who will still listen to and buy his music. Even though- former staff members are busting his shit wide open.

Y’all will say they are mad or haters. Hell, many of y’all ain’t saying shit while it’s happening right under your noses so why we think you would give a damn about another predator hurting black girls and women.

I don’t know who these parents are.. but who would let their daughter go with R. Kelly ANYWHERE?

And now he, “allegedly”, has YOUR girls locked up and y’all need help. Well ain’t that something?

Your sorry asses are his accomplices!!!

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