Kanye West: The Master Of Shenanigans

Mister West is in the building and EVERYBODY knows when he enters. Kanye and his shenanigans, always, grab attention. ALWAYS. In pure Kanye fashion, he launched the release of his “Famous” video at LA’s infamous Forum. He sold limited edition t-shirts for $30. Fans braved rush hour traffic, long ass lines and scorching temperatures for a 10-minute video. Let’s not forget the $25 ticket prices along with $15 parking.

How Sway? How?

*See reaction below*

The self-proclaimed genius (more like crazy) ruffles feathers on a regular basis but this… THIS IS EPIC KANYE. His latest “artistic vision” depicts him in a giant bed with a plethora of celebrity figures. For me, it’s a tongue and cheek attempt at shading many of the people who he may have crossed at one point in his career. There are exceptions of course- like his wife (the attention-craving queen) Kim K., Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Bill Cosby. I see the vision and it’s amusing but I can’t see myself paying to view it. Then again, there wasn’t ANYBODY in that video that I WOULD EVER WANT TO SEE NAKED. EVAAAAH!

*Note to Kanye* Your wife’s ass looks a mess even in wax. Yuck.

According to Taylor Swift’s camp, she’s salty. Mister West dissed her entire career. Clearly, he believes that Taylor’s relevance is a gift from King Yeezy (I’m a little inclined to believe that..lol) but he can’t clown her in a song AND a video.

Beyonce and Jigga weren’t featured but I’m certain that Yeezus would have done it if he didn’t fear…say… a punch in the face from the Carter’s.

That’s beside the point.

Needless to say, his latest shenanigans are of epic proportion and they are paying off. We have his name in our mouths. AGAIN. Pablo, Ye, Yeezy or whatever he calls himself managed to shoot himself into the spotlight one more time. I love his music but he stays on one. I don’t smoke but WHATEVER he is using, I need it. His creative process is nuts. His fashion line is the exception. That’s trash.

Carry on, Mister West. Carry on.