Open Letter To Myself About “Non-Racist” Whites.

I, typically, contain myself to black spaces. I feel safe there. I may not always agree with my skinfolk but I love and trust them. However, I don’t trust whites. Not progressive whites. Not liberal whites. Not Gary Owens. Not Kim Kardashian. Not any of you. And I have white folks who I fuck with HEAVY. Not many but they exist. I trust a black dude dressed in all black, wearing a hoodie and shades, with a gun and a sign that reads, “Bitch, I’m gonna rob you.” more than I trust white folks. I am being completely transparent here. As vulnerable as I can possibly be. This IS NOT A PLEA for your empathy or support. This open letter isn’t for whites so much as this is therapeutic for me. I’m tired.

It’s difficult to be in the same spaces with you and not feel resentment and anger. EVERY DAY. I get it. You didn’t do anything. You’re right. That’s a HUGE issue I have with you. You friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You’ve placed yourself in every aspect of our lives. Yet, you’re eerily silent when innocent black people are murdered by the hands of folks which you tell us to respect and obey.

While black folks invite “cool white folks” to “faux cookouts” and trade Raven-Symone, Cam Newton and Stacey Dash; I don’t make room for you. I’m not amused by your whitesplaining of race relations and life. It doesn’t matter the number of black folks with whom you interact. I have nothing for you. You are a necessary evil in this world. Some black folks, gladly, declare that you aren’t all bad. I don’t agree. I’m unwilling to give you a chance. Even the white people I care about leave me feeling empty. Given history and white people’s track record globally, it’s not difficult to feel this way.

Which leads me to this, Bookie’s is the bar where my baby sister threw her 40th birthday bash. The white owner had a lot to say about an innocent black man who was murdered by a racist cop in Oklahoma. He, happily, takes the money of people whom he doesn’t respect. THAT. You see, as a Detroiter, I’ve always heard the hateful shit whites have said about my city. However, when Detroit wins; white suburbanites and transplanted hipsters jump on black bandwagons. Reppin’ the 313 while you live in Romeo. Fuck you.

I’m unmoved by your faux patriotism and grandstanding about all the “good blacks” you know which really translates to the 2 who work with you. You may or may not invite them to your home and saying,“Bye Felicia”, doesn’t make you down.

Openly racist whites don’t scare me so much as you do with your “colorblind” rhetoric. You do so much to prove how much of a non racist you are by towing the line with us that it surprisingly comes off racist. That’s because it is.

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