Reyna Grande — novelist, writer, educator, immigrant
Claudia Lyra Giannecchini

Hi Claudia,

You mentioned the aspects which is really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your amazing idea to us. How to develop, treat, educate immigrant students the concept of education is continuing education matters to all the teachers. Some of teachers who has the same grow up experiences so they are able to understand the immigrant student’s mentality. And then, they could use their personal experiences to lead and teach students. There are most of immigrant students; especially, Chinese immigrant family parents has high requirements and perspectives for their children. They hope the second and third generation immigrant has to be success. They thought that they sacrificed all they have had in their homeland, and pursue better life in America, so they strongly desired that their children have to be success. However, they usually lose sight of their children’s physical and psychologic health. There are lots of immigrant students thought they don’t know where are they belonging, and which nation is their hometown. They are keep struggling with their ancestors’ history, culture, and rights. Thus, developing the bilingualism and multilingualism has meaningful help to immigrant students. They could clear identify who are they when they live in the community, society, and nation. They could have free mental activities, no longer worry about their state quo.

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