Trauma of Immigrant Family Separation
Candice Goss

Hi Candice,

I am really glad that you are sharing the little girl Karnwoyi’s story to us. It is hard to imagine when she comes to a totally strange surrounding and she cannot understand people’s words. In addition, she has immense fear in her heart. I am thinking about What causes so many people displaced, and finally became a refugee and immigrant, which in today’s era is really hard to imagine. Can the human rights be respected when the refugee is in another country? Or does the refugee really have human rights?And why Karnwoyi keeps asking to go back her own country even though her country’s conditions lower than U.S.? There are lots of immigrant children have to separate from their parents and family to seek the alive way. Children and parents to mutual trust, no trust, the child is not safe, can not learn. From the perspective of pedagogy, these children and parents did not establish a “close relationship”.

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