On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself
Keri Smith

Congratulations on leaving a cultish belief system.

There is a rising grass roots movement that finds the neo-Marxist postmodernism utterly abhorrent. We became used to being insulted first as women haters, then as racists, and when those false charges lost their sting through over use we were insulted as fascists and now as punchable Nazis.

They started with screaming abuse and trying to ruin a person’s career for the sin of questioning the ideology, now they want to punch anyone who asks for evidence of ideological claims.

But the damage that the ideologues have caused includes perverting the justice system, not merely the biases introduced to protect female criminals and to favor females in divorce and child custody, but even worse than that is the perversion of bringing in laws in most countries (other than America) which allow members of ‘protected groups’ to claim to be offended by any speech and thereby have anyone arrested for ‘hate speech’.

This has turned the justice system back by a few hundred years creating elites who can arbitrarily charge and have prosecuted anyone whose views they dislike.

That is the cult from which you have escaped. It is pernicious and a threat to basic civilisation.

We will expose, ridicule and quarantine the ideology, but who knows if the universities can be saved, and it will take years to reverse the damage caused to society.

Don’t worry about losing the friendship of the zombies you used to associate with, there are hundreds of thousands of free persons who you can befriend.

If you want to meet them try minds.com/LoveLiberty as a place to start. It is a bit like facebook but with a very low number of SJWs. I would be delighted to greet you there.