Ode to Wendy’s Chili

Warm, slightly spicy but not too hot

Filling and satisfying right on the spot

You give me an excuse to drive off from school

A mid day recharge for much needed fuel.

Oh Wendy’s chili

I should probably feel silly

Spilling my love for you here

But I cannot resist when you’re near!

Workers have told me to stay clear of you

That you’re merely burnt ends of burgers in a tomato-y stew

I don’t care what they think or what they say

I’ll continue to eat you on a chill autumn day.

Question: is there anything more intolerable than a high school thespian troupe?

Answer: no.

Little Sally Walker went

To dream about the stage.

She poured her heart out on the ground —

a puddle to the page.

And when the cameras began to click,

Amidst flowers in the air,

She gathered her ego

And took a bow:

The fairest of the fair.

A Sunday Agenda

10am softball

9yr old

11am hockey

6 yr old

2pm soccer

9yr old

4pm birthday party

9yr old & 6yr old —

Fast forward —

504 Anxiety


And we wonder why.

She realized it was precious

Wonderfully familiar

little secrets.

Fairytales like

Happiness —

The beauty of this life.

Her eyes were shining with

all the confidence in the world;

Her daring soul led her —

With love —

To find that she was perfectly alone.

No regrets.

He couldn’t remember

how to make her happy.

She was too beautiful;

She wanted no reminders of realities

Or resolutions.

Dangling off balance —

She was free to follow her heart.

Homemade wake up wrap

Butter, bacon, egg and cheese

You sent it back thrice —

It’s too wet, too cold, too hot

Make your own damn food then kid.

White Rizatriptan

Is not purple Claritin;

Call Poison Control.

Why Stephen King’s Pet Semetary is Still His Most Terrifying

*commentary contains spoilers

“Madness was all around him, softly fluttering as the wings of night-hunting owls with great golden eyes: he was heading into madness.”

Being the mother of two young children, I can tell you without pause that my…

Poe’s The Raven and the Powerful Fear of Nothingness

Photo cred: Meg Jerrard

Nothingness. This idea of the time before or after somethingness. Ex nihilo — out of nothing. The idea of nothingness terrifies me. And I think this is a universal fear. Nothingness is the reason humans seek to fill the voids with words, or philosophies, or religion. In many creation myths, there is a process for creating order — water and air, creatures to inhabit them, land and animals and people to traverse it. A divine force that oversees the somethingness that comes from the void. The other night, over dinner, my 9 year old daughter told me I “had to watch” this video about the end of the universe. My children are unusual, go with it. “God, sounds awful” I told her; “yes, it is” was her response. Yes it is. We watched a 30 minute video that showed, over trillions of millenia, the rising of oceans, the blotting out of life on earth, the disappearance of Saturn’s rings, the fading of stars, and the evaporation of black holes. The laws of physics gradually, over millennia, erase and return the Universe to a state of utter nothingness. It shook me to the core. Not in a gut punch way but more in this nagging confirmation of what i already understood. The logical side of my brain rationalized that I wouldn’t be around to see it — but the familiar tug of fear and dread over nothingness, the same fear we have at the center of death, prevailed. I just can’t comprehend, and therefore accept, the idea of nothingness.

Now, being an English teacher for the past 14 years, naturally, my ruminations on nothingness, led me down a literary path. And my thoughts turned to Edgar Allan Poe. Because, I argue that Poe penned the most terrifying story ever written…

Kelly Barefoot

English nerd and theatre enthusiast

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