seventeen things I hope you realize before I did

  1. don’t feel bad about what you can’t change
    2. don’t say sorry when it isn’t your fault
    3. let go of the toxic people in your life
    4. look back but know when to turn back around
    5. don’t allow yourself to be used
    6. its okay to not be okay all the time
    7. tell people how you feel while you have the chance
    8. learn how to say ‘no’ but know that sometimes its okay to say ‘yes’
    9. dress to impress, even if its only you around. your mood will be better if you feel good about yourself
    10. cry. but always have a box of tissues around for when it won’t stop
    11. fall for the wrong boy. it’ll help you find the right one when you know what you don’t like
    12. find a shoulder to cry on
    13. appreciate your family. you only have one
    14. having a day on the couch or in bed is okay but not when it is everyday
    15. stay true to you but know that eventually you will change and that is okay
    16. live life for all that it is
    17. when opportunity knocks, open the door with a smile on your face
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