three weeks in.

I am in my freshman year at a university in Northern Ontario and even just three weeks in I have learned some valuable life lessons, met some great human beings and done some utterly stupid shit.
I have learned that its okay to stress as long as you know how to deal with it. I am fortunate to live on a beautiful campus with wooded trails that I walk when I get stressed. I find that some John Mayer or Jack Johnson and deep breaths that fill my lungs do just the trick for my stress and for my homesickness. I have also learned that you will regret more of what you don’t do than what you do. I chose not to participate in some of my frosh week activities because I was too shy but already looking back I wish I had so that I didn’t have to work so hard to find friends now. But I am now realizing that I am able to walk up to people and say hi unlike what I thought.
Because I am now comfortable enough on campus and with myself, I have made some amazing friends. I have great roommates and great friends that I can count on to always be there if I need them or my nature walks just aren’t doing the trick that day. I also have made the friends that I can do stupid shit with and they won’t judge me… too hard.
Now, I’m not saying I do a lot of silly stuff here but I am also not saying I haven’t made a fool out of myself at least a couple of times yet. I have nearly fallen down the stairs of my lecture halls, shook hands with cute boys awkwardly, made a fool of myself in front of new friends’ parents and accidentally waved at the wrong person from across campus.
Overall, I am LOVING campus life and being a freshman at a small but great university!
Here’s to the next three weeks being great too!

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