Go out, and Do.

I was proud of myself this weekend. I decided to go to a casting call in Honolulu. It popped up online somewhere and I could have just brushed it aside, but instead I thought why not?

It was an example of giving something a try, because you never know what it will turn into. I’m not expecting anything, but can you picture me freaking out if I get the chance to be on set with Channing Tatum?! Now he is not my number 1, anyone that knows me would answer that Justin Timberlake is, but I’ll take a set…with any actors…throw in a fun storyline…and the movie being filmed in my backyard of Oahu. CHA CHING, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Life is full of lessons. Some lessons we love, some we hate. I haven’t loved a lot of these lessons over the past seven months, but the one that I hold onto above most is that we are all here for a reason….make your years count. All of us live unique lives, some with more struggles than others. I want to be remembered for always having a little sparkle, a little zest while living my life. Doing these adventures, heck moving to Hawaii defines who I am as a person. If my Mom has taught me one thing, it’s always ALWAYS give it a try.

“You can do anything you put your mind to, Kelcie”…yes Mom, I can. I moved to Hawaii with my better half. I am holding onto the good days and placing them higher than the bad days. I am doing me. That casting call was the perfect reminder of this lesson.

Try your best, and go for it. You won’t be sorry.