Kelechi Okereke Explains How to Utilize Musical Talent

Kelechi Okereke
Sep 23, 2019 · 3 min read

Okay, so you’ve recently discovered that you possess an untapped, previously unknown gift with music. Your friends may have given you compliments in passing, urging you to publicly perform at times, even if it’s a meaningless showing amongst a select few. Perhaps your teacher provided a glowing review about your ability to master an ambitious technique. Maybe, just maybe, you caught a glimpse of someone staring at you, appreciative of your art and incredulously lost in the moment; a priceless, rewarding experience that surpasses any vocal praise. Convinced of your skills, you’re now prepared to find a purpose for it. Kelechi Okereke has outlined a few unique ways for you to make a genuine impact with your music.

Spread Awareness

Charities, non-profit organizations and fundraisers will constantly welcome extra awareness with open arms, hoping to reverberate within the public consciousness. Or, there might be terrible issues in the news that are glossed over, needing more publicity. An amalgamation of your music and a selfless good deed can give music that magical aura, one that Kelechi Okereke believes transcends yourself as an artist. Songs can invoke a powerful message and bring people together. In fairness, a concert may be asking you too much in the early chapters of your musical career, but if you’re up for it, there is no shame whatsoever in trying.


Budgets cuts in schools tend to be found in the music and arts departments because these subjects are viewed as luxuries rather than necessities. You can volunteer on a part-time basis to lead workshops and seminars, providing students with a role model in a schooling field that is falling by the wayside. One-on-one sessions are another avenue to consider, as many students are keen on receiving privatized lessons that form a personal connection between them and the instructor. A lot of students will be uncertain of how to begin their musical trek, which is where you can be a tremendous help.

Upload Videos

For one reason or another, many prospective music students do not have access to reputable tutors or schools that set aside enough time for the arts. Online, you can share tutorial videos, playthroughs of your personal preferences or in-depth explanations of complex techniques, all of which aspiring musicians can learn from. A click of a button will promote your talents and assist those who are looking to blossom with their instrument; a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Nobody should be restricted from music and your generosity in this platform will not go unnoticed. Heck, you’ll likely develop a fan base.

Therapeutic Offering

Worldwide, people are suffering from sickness, injuries and tragic circumstances, themselves or seeing it ruin loved ones. Kelechi Okereke suggests that you extend your musical services to hospitals, animal shelters, children’s wards or nursing homes. Even a lonely neighbor or friend will find it hard to say no. It’s situations like these, when one’s emotional strength is tested, that music reaches our souls and permeates it. Briefly, we might forget our anguish, close our eyes and, for lack of a better term, live. They will be eternally grateful, and you will come out a better, hospitable person.

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