Kelechi Okereke Shows How to Find Your Ideal Instrument

Kelechi Okereke
Sep 20, 2019 · 3 min read

Music, when it is performed properly, is beautiful to hear unfold, keeping you company while you steer through traffic in your car, awaiting your arrival home after a stressful day and having the power to rejuvenate your spirits. Being as powerful as it is, music draws just about everyone to its hypnotic effect, whether it is because of the beat, lyrics or display of instrumental genius. On that note, many people wonder about taking up an instrument, seeing if they can understand the intricacies that are the backbone of music creation and produce meaningful tunes. In helping decide what instrument is perfect for you, Kelechi Okereke has prepared a few pointers for your upcoming musical odyssey.

Experiment At Stores

Forget about the notion that everyone has a specific instrument that is destined to be in their hands. That is as silly as suggesting that some people are supposed to be playing baseball because it is written in the stars, while others are only intended to lace up hockey skates. Everyone chooses their fate, and, with music, Kelechi Okereke feels that you must get acquainted with the instruments. Go to a nearby music store and sample the goods; pick each one up, see if it is comfortable in your grip and, if the manager permits it, try to play a tune without bursting the ear drums of a fellow customer. Shopping involves plenty of decisions that are on the spur of the moment and, although an instrument does require careful consideration, you should trust your instincts at the end of the day.

Follow The Sound

Sound moves us, motivates us, drives us and emboldens us. How often have you caught yourself slyly mouthing out the beat of a song or gently jiving your body to mimic the rhythm? Theoretically, if there is a sound that brings you pleasure, you should discover what instrument is responsible, buy it and start practicing. Having a goal already set can be a big motivator to following through with the commitment to practicing that comes with an instrument. Keep the outside circumstances — those that look to sway you in another direction — at bay and stick to your initial gut reaction because nobody can truly tell you what you should be attracted to.

Think Of Your Situation

While a budget is constantly at the head of our worries for decisions that involve equipment, many instruments can be purchased for less than the price that is slapped on a new gaming console. We all get giddy when we see that top-notch, irresistible piece that our favorite musicians wield during a concert, but it behooves us to start with a purchase that is better suited for beginners and will not cripple us financially if we give up the pursuit afterwards. Your housing situation should also be thought of because, if you have neighbors that are prone to complaining about noise, chances are that you will not be banging on a set of drums. Compile a list of places where you can likely play without distractions or hindrances. Be aware of how much time you can allot to your instrument, as numerous music genres are written out in a distinct manner on the sheets and you will need to understand how to read the music itself first.

Kelechi Okereke concludes that regardless of the instrument you select, you will get back what you put into any instrument. It is important to find an instrument that you enjoy playing so that practicing is not viewed as a chore but rather an enjoyable part of the day.

Kelechi Okereke

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