Zuvaa CEO Letter to Community

Dear Zuvaa Community,

It’s been a tough year for Zuvaa. Really tough.

Due to the overwhelming amount of love and support we received last year, we grew really fast, a little too fast. As we came into 2017 we lacked the right infrastructure to support a growing company. We had issues with our website, a really small 3 person staff, and issues with paying our sellers. We made over projections and our business model completely failed. As the Founder and CEO of Zuvaa, I take full responsibility for this failure. My over projections and eagerness to scale Zuvaa without the proper support led to many of our issues.

But these are all growing pains and part of the journey of building a company. I failed a lot of people and I’m working to rectify our mistakes so they never happen again. We stopped operations in the marketplace some weeks ago to address these issues. Our goal is to re-emerge in the new year with a better website, a better business model and a better way of serving the thousands of customers worldwide that have helped Zuvaa get where we are.

Zuvaa is a young company with a big vision. We have barely scratched the surface on this opportunity. The continent is vast and we can’t wait to show you all the beautiful artistry coming out of Africa. But in the interim, we need to fix our operations, grow our team and make sure we are providing the best experiences for you and the community in general.

Can you help us? I’m crowdfunding ideas and suggestions on how to make Zuvaa better. Whether it is regarding our website, social media, pricing, etc — I want to hear what you think.

These are the realities of growing a company and I appreciate everyone who has been patient and supportive with Zuvaa during this difficult time.

Any questions or concerns, feel reach out to me via email: kelechi@zuvaa.com.


Kelechi Anyadiegwu

Founder + CEO, Zuvaa

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