Payment of debts and other financial settlement has been a difficult thing globally because of the centralization of our local banks or because of the centralization of some cryptocurrency payment platforms, one cannot make a payment without the interference of a third party, or without being skeptical about the security of his or her funds.

This problem has caused a lot of damages in the global financial system, though some platforms were created to erase this issue facing the global financial system, those platforms couldn’t solve the problem, but it rather solved part of the problems, which is why people are searching for more reliable, fast and trusted platform that will allow them to do some transparent and secured transactions, that’s where Terra credit comes into play.


TERRA CREDIT is a cryptocurrency to become a decentralized electronic disbursement answer to the universal matured population with the valuation of around fifty trillion dollars, the system has arranged credit to bring quick and smooth blockchain-based financial disbursement, the system placed proof of staking that permits investors to become a black producer. They back the network and at the end of the day they will receive a price in a recent token for their job well done, the performance is used instead of the formal traditional mining, which is costly and difficult.

The system desktop wallet involuntarily stake a subscriber's token balance that gives such subscriber the opportunity of becoming a black producer and will get a price for keeping up with the credit blockchain, this produces a legal and tolerant income flow that excludes the demand for costly materials and specialized wisdom, meanwhile, the credit wallet operation is easy and the whole activity is done instinctively, what you have to do is to have a computer, your computer should be linked to the internet for you to begin and you should have a balance of 10,000 tokens, also confirm if your wallet is 100 percent synced as well as free for staking, then every other thing happen instinctively.


It has been arranged as an electronic disbursement platform, a decentralized answer to the cash issue and the most consequential work is that its usefulness as a means of exchange, to help electronic transactions.

Around the platform's ecosystem credit will work as a unit of account, bringing the ordinary expedient of the worth of the product or goods and services that are being swapped, it will help the users or the buyers and sellers to take resolution about the worth of their goods and services on offer.

Foreign disbursements are always quick and are fairly cost less, the clarity of credit blockchain guarantees public accountability about every deal as all tokens can be traced to its invention.


As a regular cryptocurrency: credit covers almost all the quality of a cryptocurrency and beyond it, it's decentralized, it's blockchain-based and its favorable advancement the speed of credit cannot be compared to any other cryptocurrency and it allows cost fewer transactions.

Credit has the capability of dealing with millions of business deals in every single minute because of its prevalent blockchain output and its lucrative, easy to access, and implement it can be operated on the device you already have.

International payments: it's not something new that the fastness of using cryptocurrency to settle bills internationally is mind-blowing and it's less expensive to be compared to other means of international payments.

It's the same thing with credit, the speed of our transactions is second to none, not only that it's fast but it costs nothing to carry out transactions.


There's a native token developed on the platform, which will be used for transactions and it is called CREDIT.


TOKEN name: Credit

Token abbreviation: CREDIT

Address letter: C

RPC port: 43796

P2P port: 43795


The team has the conviction that with the composition of more developed blockchain technology and streamline subscriber's operation will be a powerful rival for the advancement of credit in the recent market, credit provides quick and fairly cost fewer transactions on energy, to crown it the blockchain is very effective and rewarding to users.

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I'm a young writer that has the zeal of working and I have written for many project that has been a success and I'm exceptional as well

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Kcee Godwin

Kcee Godwin

I'm a young writer that has the zeal of working and I have written for many project that has been a success and I'm exceptional as well

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