Embracing Solo Travel as a 63-Year-old Woman

Keli Maire
3 min readMar 16, 2024


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As I approach my 63rd year, I find myself yearning for new adventures and experiences. The idea of solo travel has always held a special allure for me, offering the promise of self-discovery and exploration. I’ve made a couple solo trips and really enjoyed myself. I’ve always tended to be a risk-taker, and I’m comfortable stepping out of my comfort zones. Recently, I made the decision to embark on a journey to an unknown destination through the travel agency Journee. The thrill of anticipation fills me with a sense of excitement and wonder as I prepare for this unconventional adventure.

Journee, unlike any travel agency I’ve encountered before, dives deep into my preferences, asking a plethora of questions about what activities I enjoy, the vibe I seek for my trip, and even where I absolutely do not want to go. They inquire about my budget, aiming to tailor the experience to my financial comfort. To my delight, Journee not only crafted a personalized itinerary but also came in $1,500 less than my original budget, making this journey even more enticing. I booked it. And now I wait for departure day.

The mystery surrounding my upcoming trip is enhanced by Journee’s playful clues, which they have sent every couple weeks to help me get excited about the destination. These tantalizing hints ignite my imagination, leaving me eagerly guessing where I might soon find myself wandering. While I truly want to be surprised, it’s very hard to stay off Google and try to figure out where I’ll be going by researching these clues. Well, I actually HAVEN’T stayed off Google, but I still haven’t figured out the location. Yet. My plan is to wait to open the destination packet until I arrive at the International Terminal of my airport. Won’t that be fun?

As departure day draws near, Journee’s attention to detail becomes increasingly evident. Three weeks before my adventure, they’ll begin sending daily weather reports and a comprehensive packing list, ensuring I’m fully prepared for whatever awaits. Additionally, they’ve booked a few excursions for me, included in the cost, based on my answers on the initial questionnaire. I’ll only pay for food and anything extra I want while I’m there for nine days. Nine days!

With each interaction, I can see the care and expertise that Journee brings to the table, already making my upcoming trip an unforgettable experience. Their commitment to personalized service gives me confidence that my adventure will be nothing short of extraordinary.

In the midst of uncertainty, there’s a sense of freedom that comes from embracing the unknown. It’s a reminder that life is an adventure meant to be savored and explored, one destination at a time. And as I prepare to embark on this journey with Journee, I’m filled with gratitude for the opportunity to step into the unknown and discover the world anew. I’ll be back post-adventure to share the experience. Stay tuned.