Do You Think Interactive Content is Important for Writers?

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Interactive content has a lot of hype around it. I want to know, does the hype apply to writers too? There is a lot of information about why individuals need to create interactive content and incorporate it into how they promote their brand, products, and or what they do online. But what about writers?

Should writers use interactive content when promoting their work and services?

If so, why types of interactive content should writers use, and how often?

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We all strive to create content that dazzles and delights our consumers and readers, or in some cases potentially causes a ruckus and a hailstorm of comments and shares. We need our audiences to be instantly engaged with our content, and I’m not saying “instantly” lightly here. According to Tony Haile with ChartBeat, 55% [of end users] spent fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page that they clicked on. Fewer than 15 seconds!

As an avid reader, lover of prose and long-form blog posts, as well as someone who writes copy for a living — interactive and visual content is a very interesting trend for me to consider. A majority of interactive content involves images and video (here’s a list of common types of interactive content).

My main skill set doesn’t typically involve creating images and videos; it involves writing the content used in and around those images and videos in order to give them greater context. As a writer, when I see statistics and articles (like this one) about interactive content and how effective visuals are (here’s more information) , I start to wonder how I can create and share my own.

But then I stop myself in my tracks and say, “Wait, what are you doing? Stick with what you do best! You don’t have time to make infographics and vlogs on top of everything you already write, crazy lady!” …. before realizing that I just clicked on an infographic about helpful content.

More and more it’s becoming pretty obvious to me that interactive content is something that everyone who is trying to carve out an online space should at least consider, including writers. However, it’s still unclear to me how much we should use interactive content in promoting ourselves, our services, and our work. What do you think?

Where do writers fit into the interactive content mix?

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