Five Things I Learned From Watching The Comey Testimony
Caitlin Johnstone

Can you please address a couple of points:

You wrote, “At most, the much-touted investigation is looking into inappropriate relations with Russia among people that Trump has been associated with in the past…”

This is rather disingenuous. Is Jared Kushner merely a “person Trump has been associated with in the past”?

Also, why do you seem to focus only on trying to debunk the DNC leaks as if that is the only purported incident of Russian meddling? Since you are using Comey’s testimony as a source here, why not also address the fact that he said that Russian attempts to interfere in our election began occurring in the summer of 2015, and have included at least hundreds of targets? It really seems like tunnel vision to be focusing so much on the DNC leaks.


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