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My thoughts, as I’m a sports TV ratings and behind the scenes nut. Just like it was cited, the NFL needs a hero and needs a villain. Magic vs Bird. Jordan was must see TV. Peyton is retired. There is no must see TV ratings star in this NFL bunch right now. The current NBA has LeBron versus the hated Warriors which is good for the NBA. Also, The more you try to control the game (re: competition committee) the less control you have. Let the players have personalities and then the ratings will come back in a landslide. The No Fun League is just that. Also, ESPN is no longer relevant because we get our highlights on mobile devices and such. So it is a combination of no hero/villain, no sure fire superstar that transcends the sport, and cord cutters. Finally, I do think they need better data on the digital platforms as it is advertisers that pay the NFL bills and they need to see ROI on their investment. Thanks for listening.

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