Struggling to find the place for my voice

I am trying to find the best place to start this mess: if this is meant to be a collection of my thoughts on various topics, probably lacking a coherent focus with the exception of the presence of my identity, then I should start with me. I am a newly minted 22-year-old attending an elite university in the United States. (More on that later.) I identify primarily as Native American, even though I do not meet blood quantum for my particular tribe. (More on that later.) I hail from Portland, OR, and consider myself a progressive thinker. (More on that later.) I struggle with complicated, multifaceted thoughts on all of these topics and more. Thus, as a millennial, I turn to the Internet to share and maybe engage in conversation about these things.

I have no idea into what this will turn. I engage with philosophy in my coursework that has created difficult environments for those around me. I read news articles that usually portray one particular viewpoint over others, specifically the Other’s. I am still trying to figure out ways for me to have conversations about these, and how to best inform myself about the topics that are integral to my identity and those of others.

Writing these posts will most likely manifest as an ego issue for me. By writing these thoughts down on this site, or on others, I am signifying that I consider my thoughts important enough to share with the world. I hope that I can overcome this bias or sentiment, because I am truly looking to engage with people about these topics after a presentation of information.

We’ll see how this goes. I will share thoughts, and we will see how this community engages (or doesn’t). There will be things that I am unsure about, and other things that I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt. I will try to differentiate between those cases, but I make no claim to truth in my words. I am still in the process of developing my system of thought and understanding, and expect to be in that process for a great deal longer.

We’ll do our best.

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