Feedly Instagram Marketing Research


Feedly is probably one of the most excellent ways to search and find information about a certain topic or profession of your choice. After a very short period of time of searching, I was able to find tons of information about Instagram Marketing, and why it’s becoming such a valuable way to advertise different products or clothing lines. The amazing thing about Feedly is that most articles are written by an expert or someone in the profession I searched. Through Feedly, I was able to actually follow different information streams and articles. I was also able to get notifications sent to my email when a new article or piece is posted about the subject I’m interested in. Basically, I’ll now forever be notified and be in the loop when a new article about Instagram Marketing is posted. Pretty cool, right?


Because of Feedly, I was able to find an article about 10 different Instagram accounts that have exemplified amazing marketing and business strategies. Being able to aggregate content about my desired subject is really amazing, because I’m able to quickly access all of the information and research within a matter of minutes. The research I found from the first article I reviewed revealed that in order to become a successful Instagram marketer, you must have a clear look or message for each photo you post. If your followers see a clear message or style in your photos that you are posting every day, creating a personal brand is much easier. Once someone establishes a personal brand, big businesses are more inclined to have you promote their products, because they know you’ll be able to incorporate their product into your own style of photos.


The second article I added to my list is about Instagram Stories in relation to Snapchat Stories. This article describes why Instagram Stories are more valuable for people trying to create content and market themselves on Instagram than Snapchat Stories are. It allows your Instagram audience to view what you’re posting more conveniently then having them also follow you on Snapchat. Why not just use the same app instead of having people follow you on two different ones, right?! Seems pretty legit. Using Instagram Stories also allows your followers to see more of your personal life besides the actual photos you post. It allows followers to see a different side of you, which also helps build a person’s own brand/ personality on the social media.

The third most valuable and enlightening article I found on Feedly is about the 5 most practical ways to make money off of Instagram, which is what everyone truly wants to do.


Feedly led me to this amazing article, and I am now forever grateful. This article fully breaks down the ways marketers and Social Media Influencers are able to make money. First, it states that paid advertising and shoutouts allows Instagrammers to make some dough. I never knew that until I read this article. Second, it states in order to truly become powerful and make money, you have to solve a problem your followers have by creating content relating to that problem. This draws more people to your account, which leads to more opportunity for marketing and paid product placement opportunities. After that, it states, “Recommend and sell products as an affiliate.” By recommending products, you are setting your Instagram business up for more success and further influence opportunity. All in all, reading this article gave me more ideas on how to make money off of my own personal Instagram, in which I hope to make a complete business out of.

Thanks to Feedly, learning about Instagram Marketing tips was easy as can be. Feedly allows me to store all of these valuable articles and resources in one place, which is something I’ve never seen before. I was able to obtain so much valuable information about my chosen profession by different experts and writers that I would’ve never seen or found through Google or any other search browser. The best of all, I will keep receiving emails about my desired profession! I will now use Feedly as a research browser every time I’m assigned a research project, because it’s so easy to access everything!