Your Key To Success: Instagram Do’s and Dont’s

Instagram is filled with endless creative potential. This unique social media app gives it users freedom to create their own visual content and personal brand which for some people including myself, allows photographers and entrepreneurs to create and build their own businesses — such as blogs, influencer activations and in some cases, even fashion or makeup lines. Although Instagram users have the ability to post anything they want, in order to become a successful blogger or “instagrammer”, netiquette is a core principle of the app and crucial in the community of other bloggers in order to continue growing and also maintaining your following on Instagram.

The DO’S of Instagram:
  1. Stick to a certain color scheme of photos — essentially, create a cohesive look to your feed. For example, a feed with a person trying to create a visually appealing aesthetic wouldn’t have mostly white and blue photos and suddenly post a black photo. Sticking to the same color scheme allows for a more consecutive flow, which attracts more users to your account.
  2. Interacting: By commenting on and liking other people’s photos, you’re able to bring attention to your own account thus growing the amount of followers you have. The more you interact, the more people will naturally comment back to you, see your photos, and follow you. I know it sounds crazy, but yes — it’s that easy.
  3. Hashtags: By using different hashtags that correlate with the photo you’re posting, you’ll essentially get your photo out into the universe. By doing this simple task, you’re able to bring world wide attention to your photo through each hashtag you use.
Example: Because this is a photo of coffee, I hashtagged different tags related to coffee in order for this photo to show up throughout the world on each tag, bringing more attention to my photo (Photo taken off my instagram, @oookellen)

4. Creative captions: Captions are sometimes the first thing people read when a photo appears on their feed. Having a short and creative caption that encompases the message of each photo is something so little that makes a huge difference in the amount of people inclined to like that particular photo. If a follower sees a massive amount of text on a photo, they will likely unfollow or skip over the photo. Instagram is all about appealing to people visually, so most people would prefer not to read long captions.

The DONT’s of Instagram:
  1. Deleting/reposting photos: Although it’s very tempting to delete a photo if you think it doesn’t look good, try not to delete photos or repost them. It causes followers to get sick of the certain photo you delete and repost, resulting in less engagement on the photo.
  2. Don’t be Inactive: With my experience, not posting for longer than three days results in the loss of many followers. I’ve noticed that most people like to see one post a day from me. Bloggers are followed by so many people because they expect to see new creative content daily, and if new photos aren’t being posted frequently, people tend to lose interest.
  3. Shoutouts: Shoutouts are a very tricky subject. They can be very useful in gaining followers, but can also be a pain for other people to see on their feed if you do them constantly. I’ve noticed that when instagrammers do shoutouts too often, people get sick of seeing them which results in more unfollowers than followers gained.

4. Buying followers: Last but not least, NEVER buy followers on Instagram. Not only are all of your followers completely fake, but it creates an unfair situation to other instagrammers and bloggers that actually put effort and hard work into growing their following and personal brand. If a company is reaching out to different accounts for product promotion, if they see an account with 200k with bought followers vs an account with 50k active real followers, they are more likely to automatically pick the account with 200k because of the higher number, even though they don’t have any real followers seeing their content.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps and in my opinion, it always will be. It holds potential for photographers and visual artists who want to share their style, photography or personal image across the world. Instagram continues to add certain features like the ability to upload videos, and most recently “Instagram Stories” — Instagram’s take on snapchat stories. Good etiquette on Instagram is what helps bloggers and photographers gain their following. It allows bloggers and social media influencers to get to the point where they are able to make money by doing product placement and working with other companies that need social media influence. The fact that bloggers and photographers are able to inspire people from all over the world through images is why I love instagram so much, and why I believe someone can become successful — as a result of talent, hard work and good netiquette.


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