Permeate Diary 0

I’m currently making another stab at getting Permeate off the ground. Given the scale and complexity of this app, I want to start with a solid foundation the build upon. This is the largest project I’ve started so far, and I’m hoping a journaling process a-la the Vesper Sync Diary will help me reason about the project in a more deliberate manner.

I’m starting off the web-facing portion of Permeate with a very simple TCP server: it takes whatever random string it’s given and pushes it straight onto a beanstalk tube. The messages themselves are serialized using a binary wire format (currently Google’s Protocol Buffers), and are consumed at the other end of beanstalkd by a script that is responsible for validating and storing the messages.

There is a separate tube for outgoing messages, which the server responds with whenever it receives a message.

That’s the basic data flow for the gossip replication side of Permeate. I’ll go into more depth in a later post, this is a general overview of The Plan for testing Permeate.

Until next time, I hoped you enjoyed your introductory Permeate Diary experience, and thank you for reading.

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