Aspire to Inspire

Have you ever stopped to think about the people, places, or things that inspire you?

A coach, parent, or teacher that inspired you at an early age. Maybe it’s a mentor you seek advice from currently. Or possibly your favorite hike to the most scenic alpine lakes.

When I think of the word inspire and what it means to me, I get a heaviness in my chest. Crazy to think that just one word can make someone feel so emotional. Being inspired has helped mold me into the person I am today.

There’s lots of things that inspire me daily.

First off, 5am morning workouts at my strength and conditioning gym. A woman, 6 months pregnant, keeps up with me and she never once complains about the workout each morning. Now that’sinspiring!

Or my friend’s son, diagnosed with cancer, that pushes through daily to survive and fight such a horrible disease.

And maybe it’s the work ethic and unconditional love of my brother and his wife, adopting a newborn baby two months ago, not knowing how the long term affect of his drug addicted birth mother will effect his mental and physical growth moving forward.

All of these situations and circumstances inspire me, inspire me in ways that is hard to explain.

Do you have the mindset to allow yourself to be inspired or beinspiring to others? Think for just a moment how you are able to impact the people around you. Your kids, colleagues, and even strangers. You’re probably doing something inspiring right now and not even know it–that’s the best. Just like the women at my gym that has no idea she’s the one inspiring me!

To inspire, be inspired. Life is a beautiful and rewarding place with the word inspire in it. Make a goal to inspire daily and allow yourself to be inspired by all that surrounds you.

Make a difference, aspire to inspire.

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